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Ciudad y escritura. Imaginario de la ciudad latinoamericana a las puertas del siglo XXI

This book concerns cultural production in contemporary Latin American cities: chaotic cities where the ideal of order has become fragmented and the walls of the lettered city have become porous. New and multifarious urban trajectories—intersecting, colliding, superimposing—trace the image of the postmodern city.

Nanne Timmer
20 June 2013

Written culture offers various forms of intervention in the postmodern city, and the urban imaginary nourishes itself as much on the extinct city as on the first outlines of future cities. In this dynamic, the coming community seeks its direction in a space of uncertain belonging and identity. Contributors to The City and Writing explore this space in fourteen essays on diverse Latin American cultural phenomena: recreated cartographies in novels, performances in São Paulo and Santiago de Chile, performance poetry in Mexico City, testimonies of violence and migration in Medellín and Lima, blogging by virtual communities in Havana and San Juan, and more.


José Ramón Ruisánchez · Diana Klinger · Waldo Pérez Cino · Rita De Maeseneer · Salvador Mercado Rodríguez · Magdalena Perkowska · Adriana Churampi Ramírez · Mario Cámara · Cornelia Grabner   Ángeles Mateo del Pino · Lizabel Mónica · Gabriel Inzaurralde · Gabriel Giorgi · Nanne Timmer 

Leiden University Press. (Reprint Almenara Press, 2016)

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