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Cuerpos ilegales. Sujeto, poder y escritura en América Latina

Corporeality, intimately bound to the notion of space, to the diffuse border that connects, entangles, and fuses an inside and an outside, is understood in this book as a space which puts the individual at stake as a war machine that, in its fight for a form of life, redefines political territories.

Nanne Timmer a.o.
20 December 2017

Studying the body as limit, brought to the limit, and at the limit in its contact with the law, makes it possible to explore the fluctuating margins between being and having a body, bare life and political life, individual and community, in a diverse cartography of Latin American cultural and artistic expression.

Cuerpos ilegales examines art and literature in relation to the discourses that regulate bodies, discussing the struggles and conflicts linked to these subjectivizations at the level of the psychological, the social, and the political. Thirteen essays consider a diverse range of Latin American cultural expressions, including contemporary films by the Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín, a novel by the Cuban writer Virgilio Piñera, and the installation works of Colombian artist Óscar Muñoz. Other essays study the work of artists such as the Venezuelan poet María Auxiliadora Álvarez, the Argentine artist Cuqui, and the Ecuadorean writer Pablo Palacios among others.

Gabriel Inzaurralde · Benjamin Loy · Natalia Aguilar Vásquez · Adriana Churampi · Alia Trabucco Zerán · Susana Scramim · María José Sabo · Ángeles Mateo del Pino · Luciana Irene Sastre · Piet Devos · Lizabel Mónica · Daniela Martín Hidalgo · Nanne Timmer 

Almenara Press 2016

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