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Erik Danen

Associate professor

Dr. E.H.J. Danen
+31 71 527 4486

Erik Danen (Ph.D) is associate professor at the Division of Toxicology. His research theme is "Cell adhesion signaling and tumor/metastasis formation".

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After postdocs at NIH, Bethesda MD and NKI/AVL, Amsterdam NL, Erik Danen moved to Leiden University as tenure track Assistant Prof. and became tenured Associate Prof. in 2012. He has managed biomedical research as PI, work package leader, or co-investigator in grants funded by the Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO), the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), the European Union (FP7), the Netherlands Genomics Initiative, and Leiden University. His research centers on mechanisms underlying cancer metastasis and therapy resistance. It involves 2D and 3D tissue modeling and automated real time confocal microscopy. Much of the work takes place in the Leiden University Cell Observatory where high throughput RNAi / compound screening is applied. In collaboration with the Institute of Biology a pipeline for automated whole animal bioimaging of cancer growth and dissemination using zebrafish xenograft models has been established. In collaboration with the Institute of Physics in UL methodology has been developed to study the biophysical aspects of cell adhesion and cell migration.

Associate professor

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Work address

Science Campus
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Room number GE2.15



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