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Alwin Kloekhorst

Associate Professor

Dr. A. Kloekhorst
+31 71 527 7977

Alwin Kloekhorst is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Linguistics.

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Fields of interest

Comparative Indo-European linguistics; Hittitology (historical linguistics and philology); Historical linguistics and philology of the other Anatolian languages (Luwian, Lycian, Carian etc.).



At the moment I am mainly working on a monograph on the accentual system of Hittite. Other topics of interest are the phonological interpretation of the Hittite consonants, the historical morphology of Anatolian, the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European ablaut-accent paradigms, and the early split up of the Indo-European language family.


Teaching activities

This year I am teaching the following courses:

  • Language and Culture of the Indo-Europeans
  • Introduction to Comparative Indo-European Linguistics II
  • Advanced Readings in Indo-European Linguistics
  • Hittite
  • Anatolian Historical Grammar
  • Gothic
  • Morphology


Curriculum vitae

2012-pres.: Assistant professor (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics).
2008-2012: Postdoctoral researcher (VENI-project 'Stressing the Facts: Accentuation in Hittite', Leiden University).
2002-2007: PhD (with distinction) Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (Leiden University).
2001-2002: Advanced Master's Programme (with distinction) in Non-Western Studies (Leiden University).
1997-2001: MA (with distinction) Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (Leiden University).
1996-1997: Propaedeutic Indo-Iranian Languages and Cultures (Leiden University).


Key publications

  • Kloekhorst, A. (2008), Etymological Dictionary of the Hittite Inherited Lexicon. ( Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series, 5). Leiden: Brill.
  • Kloekhorst, A. (2012), Hittite “ā/e”-ablauting verbs. In Melchert, H.C. (Ed.) The Indo-European Verb. Proceedings of the Conference of the Society for Indo-European Studies, Los Angeles 13-15 September 2010 (pp. 150-160).
  • Kloekhorst, A. (2012), The Phonological Interpretation of Plene and Non-Plene Spelled e in Hittite. In Nielsen-Whitehead, B. (Ed.) The Sound of Indo-European. Phonetics, Phonemics, and Morphophonemics (pp. 243-261).
  • Kloekhorst, A. (2010), Initial stops in Hittite (with an excursus on the spelling of stops in Alalaḫ Akkadian). Zeitschrift für Assyriologie, 100, pp. 197-241.
  • Kloekhorst, A. (2008), Studies in Lycian and Carian phonology and morphology. Kadmos, 47, pp. 117-146.

Associate Professor

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Univ Centre for Linguistics

Work address

Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden
Room number 2.35



  • Oxford English Dictionary Adviseur op het gebied van Hittitisch en Indo-Europees
  • LMU München Etymologisch adviseur
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