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Parenting, Child Care and Development


The programme group Parenting, Child Care and Development carries out general courses within the field of Education and Child Studies and specialised courses within the field of Child and Family Science, both in the bachelor's programme and in the master's programme.


Specialised courses within the bachelor's programme are, among others:

  • Gezinspedagogiek (in Dutch),
  • Observatie van interacties binnen gezinnen (in Dutch),
  • Professional Child Care (in English),
  • Opvoedingsvoorlichting: preventie en interventie (in Dutch), and
  • the elective course Vaders (in Dutch).

We have a major contribution in general courses such as Inleiding in de psychologie, Inleiding in de ontwikkelingspsychologie, Inleiding in de pedagogische en onderwijswetenschappen 1, and Inleiding in de grondslagen van de pedagogische wetenschappen.

In addition, we are involved in the courses Adoptie en pleegzorg in pedagogisch perspectief, Interculturele aspecten van opvoeding, onderwijs en hulpverlening, Praktische filosofie, and courses related to methods and statistics.

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Master's programmes

The master’s specialisation Child and Family Science covers courses concerning both normative and problematic caregiving and child development, ranging from sensitive and warm parenting to abuse and neglect, and from stable family circumstances to divorce and temporary foster care.

An important part of the curriculum is the study of evidence based prevention and intervention programmes to improve caregiving qualities of parents and professional caregivers. This specialization consists of four substantive courses devoted to the following subjects:

  1. Attachment: state of the art,
  2. Child care, experts and parents: historical trends, 
  3. Prevention and intervention programs in families: development and implementation, and
  4. Digital media in the family: opportunities and challenges.

In addition, students are trained in research methods and techniques by our colleagues from the programme group Research Methods and Statistics in the course Practice of Empirical Research to which we contribute as well.

Both the internship and Master’s project are carried out within the practical and/or research domain of the programme group Parenting, Child Care and Development, supervised by one or more members of the programme group.

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Reseach Master

In the Research Master’s programme we are responsible for the course Attachment and developmental psychopathology, and contribute to the courses Recent advances in developmental psychopathology, Methods and instruments in cognitive and affective neuroscience and Conducting and evaluating empirical research.

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