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Research project

Queer Salon, bringing together insiders and outsiders

Doctoral research on the history of the critical visitor and their efforts at founding alternative archives including LGBT+-focused, feminist, disability and digitizing projects, resulting in a traveling exhibition on findings (with audio-guides), popular and scholarly article, and a dissertation.

2020 - 2025
NWO Smart Culture Grant NWO Smart Culture Grant

Prof. dr. Hester Dibbits (Amsterdam University of the Arts and Erasmus University) and Dr. Dirk van den Heuvel (TU Delft and Het Nieuwe Instituut)

HNI / TU Delft Seminar Series at Het Nieuwe Instituut connects intersectional groups of publics and personnel from ‘insider’ dominant archives and ‘outsider’ archives to exchange perspectives on inclusivity and accessibility; resulting in experimentally staged, recorded sessions and journal special issue on “The Critical Visitor and Accessing the Built Environments of Heritage” (target: Architecture & Culture).

1. Institution / Expansion


Demarcating the field of democratic and inclusive societies, February 11, 2021

2. Hidden histories / In plain sight

Methodologies for opening up private histories, (counter-)archives, heritage as public and institutionalized fields, Oct 2021

3. Mapping the gaps / Vanishing acts

Bringing case studies of LGBTQ heritage, Oct 2022

4. Transitions / Bodies that Matter

Speculations about the porosity of embodiment and transing practices for heritage, June 2023

5. Intersections / Appropriations

Concluding session, June 2024

  • A network of insider and outsider partners, next to consortium partners include Lesbisch Archief Nijmegen, Black Queer and Trans Resistance Nederlands, FATALE Feminist Architecture Theory (Stockholm), Parlour and Sibling (Melbourne, Australia), Making Difference (Institut GTA, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • The Queer Salon series will be recorded, and become part of the institutional archive, and made publicly available through Het Nieuwe Instituut communication channels (webplatform)
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