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Tessa Askamp: new project director Taalmuseum

As of February, Pepijn Reeser steps down as the project director of the Taalmuseum (the Language Museum). Exhibition designer and project manager Tessa Askamp takes over his role.

The Taalmuseum

The Taalmuseum is an initiative of Leiden University. It is committed to disseminating knowledge of, and raising enthusiasm for language in all its manifestations. It consistently pursues these goals in collaboration with scientists and relevant partners. The museum does not have its own premises but regards the city as its stage.

About Tessa Askamp

Tessa Askamp is an exhibition designer and project manager. With an interdisciplinary background in the humanities and the computer sciences, Tessa knows how to bridge the gap between different (academic) disciplines.

Tessa has a keen interest in audience engagement. She is excited to work with language researchers who would like to share their research with a wider audience. Tessa’s role will be to translate research in a way that makes it both comprehensible and interesting for the public. Tessa is a visual thinker at heart, which helps her to translate text to interesting activities.

In the past, Tessa realised the Fashion for Good Experience, a museum and shop about sustainable fashion innovation in Amsterdam. She curated a design collection for Cube Design Museum, and built an engagement website for the International Foundation of Library Associations. Closer to home, she helped to realise the new website www.muurgedichten.nl.

Tessa is curious to meet you! Get in touch at tessa@taalmuseum.nl

Interested in collaboration? Read our prospectus: https://taalmuseum.nl/en/voor-wetenschappers

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