Universiteit Leiden

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Our vision

Fundamental knowledge generated through research broadens our rich culture and gives us an important basis for developing innovative products and services and for deciding how we should structure our society.

Pushing the boundaries

Researchers at our University carry out top-level research that makes significant contributions to a safe, healthy, sustainable, prosperous and just world. Innovations emerge from scientific research that aims to make the unknown known and to push the boundaries of existing fields of research.

Freedom to excel

Leading scientists shape our research fields and are given the freedom and the resources they need  to excel in their field. Time and again they prove their prominent position in their field of research and are an example to our students. It is through our eminent scholars that Leiden University has a good position in four leading international rankings and in achieving individual subsidies and prizes for scientists: Spinoza prizes, awards from the European Research Council (ERC), subsidies from the Innovational Research Incentive Scheme (NWO) and Academy professors.

Integration  of teaching and research

Our teaching and research are closely interwoven. This means that our students are not only trained as researchers, they also learn to take a critical academic approach to issues, a skill that will serve them well in their future professional practice. 

Disciplinary and interdisciplinary research

Our research has a solid disciplinary basis across a broad range of scientific fields. From this basis, our researchers carry out both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. They have close ties with society and draw inspiration from scientific and societal questions about the future, that they translate into fundamental research questions.

The University is keen to promote an interdisciplinary mindset among its researchers and students. It has chosen to focus on 11 research profile areas, and encourages a high level of collaboration across these different fields.

International collaboration

All researchers at Leiden University are members of extensive international networks. The University regards this form of collaboration as essential for the development of new scientific ideas.  But partnerships are not limited to our researchers. In 2002, for example, Leiden was one of the founders of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), an organisation that aims to promote the interests of fundamental research. LERU has 21 members, all of which are leading European universities. Besides this, we have many other partnerships with universities and research institutions spread throughout the world.  

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