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Work for third parties activities

There are strict conditions relating to work for third parties.


Work for third parties includes all those paid and unpaid activities that an employee of the University engages in that are not related to his or her employment, whether the activities are carried out during working hours or outside these hours.  

All work must be notified

Any member of staff who carries out work for third parties first requires the permission of the Board of the Faculty or department where he or she works.  


All work that employees of Leiden University carry out for third parties is recorded in a register. The record mentions the nature of the activites and the organisation for which they are carried out. Ancillary activities of professors are available in an online overview and indicated on their profile page on the University website.  


The rules on work for third parties are set out in the Leiden University Framework Regulation on Work for Third Parties. Kaderregeling Nevenwerkzaamheden Universiteit Leiden.

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