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About our research

Our research has a strong disciplinary basis encompassing a broad range of scientific fields. Our researchers conduct both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. They maintain close links with society and are inspired by academic and societal issues that they translate into fundamental research questions.

You can read more about the impact of our research in our science dossiers. Did you know, for example, that the Majorana particle that is a promising building block for the quantum computer was discovered in Leiden? That language generates new insights into our history, cultural differences, migration and how our brain processes information?  And that Leiden researchers are constantly engaged in finding answers to the question of how we can safeguard peace and justice in our complex and globalising society? 

In order to stimulate interdisciplinary research, the University has designated 11 profile research areas around which all Leiden research is centred. Creating networks and collaborating across the borders of disciplines are two core criteria that Leiden University considers to be of strategic importance in maintaining the quality and relevance of our research. 

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