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Responsible animal testing

All biological and bio-medical research carried out at Leiden University is subject to strict conditions.

In some instances unavoidable

Research is currently not completely free of the use of test animals. The use of test animals is still required for certain types of research.

Strict conditions

Research using laboratory animals may only be carried out under very strict conditions:

  • The use of animals for research or teaching purposes may only be considered if there is no alternative;  
  • The researcher must be authorised to carry out such research in line with article 9 of the Law on Animal Testing;  
  • In the design of the research project, every effort will be made to comply with the ' 3Rs ': replacement, reduction and refinement of animal testing;
  • The Animal Experiments Committee (DEC) has to issue a positive recommendation on the research project, which means that the scientific and social relevance of the research is weighed against the suffering of the laboratory animals;
  • All such research must be licensed by the national Central Animal Experiments Committee (CCD).

Monitoring and control

Animal experiments are monitored both internally and externally. The University has an expert on the use of laboratory animals who monitors the wellbeing and the care of the animals and ensures that animal experiments are carried out properly. In addition, the University receives several visits a year from inspectors of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, who verify that the experiments comply with all the relevant statutory regulations.

Code of Conduct

In addition to meticulous care in carrying out such experiments, transparent communication about the research is also important. The University therefore adheres to the code of conduct on Transparency in Animal Experiments.

More information?

Visit the website of the Faculty of Science for more information about the the use of laboratory animals in scientific research. Information and reports about responsible animal testing at LUMC can be found on the website of the LUMC (in Dutch).

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