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Research assessment

As part of the process of safeguarding the quality of our research, our institutes are audited regularly by a committee of external experts.

Standard Evaluation Protocol

Leiden University has an eminent reputation for high-level academic research. To safeguard the quality of our research, a committee of external experts audits all the University’s institutes once every six years. We comply with the Standard Evaluation Protocol drawn up by Universities of the Netherlands, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Organisation for Academic Research (NWO).

Audit Committees

The audit committees evaluate the scientific and societal impact of our research. They also  make an assessment of the programme and the supervision of PhD candidates within the institutes. The Executive Board, the Faculty Board and the Institute Board consider the findings of the research audit, and decide whether any modifications are necessary to the institute’s research strategy.  The assessment reports and the management response to these reports are public and can be found on this page.

Planning of research audits

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