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Below you can read about 4 methods of PLATO.

PLATO carries out research in educational sciences and child studies.  PLATO‚Äôs projects are  characterised by a knowledge productive approach. This implies that research is organised in such a way that the people concerned learn from it, and not only the researchers.

The development activities done by PLATO concern course ware, course programmes and learning environments.  In the process of developing education we base ourselves on state of the art scientific sources.

In many project PLATO fulfils and advisory role. In that role we operate as coaches, mentors, or as critical friends to support the professional development in areas of learning, management of change and organisation development.

Evaluation of projects, programmes and policies is a core activity of PLATO. Nationally and internationally we play a part in such evaluations. Often we take the role as internal evaluator, who support people involved in the evaluation of their own work; sometimes we also operate as external evaluator , or as trainers of external evaluators (inspectors, auditors, etc.).

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