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Wouter Kalf and Museum de Lakenhal

On Tuesday 7 December, Wouter Kalf gave a lecture on how All Knowlegde starts with intuïtions for the Studium Generalis series co-hosted by the Museum de Lakenhal. The lecture was in Dutch.

All knowlegde starts with intuïtions

According to the American philosopher Michael Huemer (1969), all our knowledge begins with an intuition. An intuition is a direct intellectual appearance, not a feeling (although a feeling can be part of your intellectual appearance). How do you know you are reading this text right now? That's how it comes across to you. And why would the scientist think that two atoms collide in her experiment? Because her device indicates so and because she gets the experience that the device indicates so. Why do you think The Beatles' first album is so good? Because that's how it sounds to you. So whatever we talk about—everyday sayings, science, aesthetics—everything, literally everything, starts with an intuition. I am going to explain why Huemer's so-called 'intuitionism' is philosophically plausible and what its (positive) implications are for art and science.

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Museum De Lakenhal
Studium Generale

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