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Philosophical Perspectives on Politics and the Economy (MA)

The master's programme in Philosophical Perspectives on Politics and the Economy at Leiden University continues the programme formerly known as Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Gain an advanced qualification

The master's programme offers you an advanced education in philosophy with a focus on questions in politics and economics. It is ideal for students who aspire to a career in policymaking, politics, journalism and a wide range of other professional occupations.

Learn from acclaimed researchers

The programme capitalises on Leiden University's internationally-acclaimed expertise and close proximity to the Hague to bring you state-of-the-art courses. You will learn to apply philosophical methods to social, political and economic phenomena, from democracy and the nation-state to the nature of global capitalism, with the purpose of bringing clarity to ongoing discussions and paving the way to novel solutions.

Hone your intellect

This challenging programme attracts talented and highly-motivated students. In-class discussions will help you develop analytical and communicative skills. Classes are deliberately kept small to ensure a high level of interaction between you, your classmates and your lecturers, many of whom are at the leading edge of their fields.

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