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Seminar on civil procedural law at Supreme Court

On 11 November 2022, a number of (internal and external) PhD candidates in the field of civil procedural law presented their research. The seminar took place in the building of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

Participants at the seminar (this photo and the photo above were taken at the Supreme Court)

PhD candidates Frank Bentvelzen, Julie Reynders, Marije Ploum, Gert Jan Boeve, Tim Kluwen, Joost van der Helm, Hetty de Rooij and Patrick Koerts spoke on the topic of their PhD thesis. Each presentation was followed by a discussion (in which other PhD candidates involved in procedural law took part). Presentations were also given by Wannes Vandenbussche, visiting professor holding the TPR Chair this academic year in Leiden, and Karlijn Teuben, justice of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. The idea for the seminar came from Bart Krans and was organised by PhD candidates Floor Veldhuis (also chairperson for the day) and Gert Jan Boeve. 

The presentations were followed by a tour of the building of the Supreme Court given by Hans Storm (registrar at the Supreme Court) and afterwards drinks and dinner in The Hague. It was an inspiring day focussed on civil procedural law.  Calls for a follow-up edition were voiced more than once.

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