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Research grant awarded to Daan Weggemans, Katharina Krüsselmann, Tessa Ubels and Marieke Liem

With this grant the researchers seek to shed light on the factors which play a role in transmitting jihadist ideas, and explore possible ways to mitigate this transmission.

The Research and Documentation Centre of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security has awarded a research grant to Daan Weggemans, Katharina Krüsselmann, Tessa Ubels and Marieke Liem (Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University). Working closely together with Anne-Laura van Harmelen at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, they will systematically study the intergenerational transmission of jihadist ideology within families.

Social Resilience and Security

This research is embedded in Leiden University’s interdisciplinary programme Social Resilience and Security, which focuses on resilience against transgressive behaviours.

Social Resilience and Security

As our society becomes increasingly complex, it is critical that we better understand how we can deal with fundamental issues such as societal and personal security, and resilience against threats to our security.

Over the past two decades, knowledge about transgressive behaviours threatening our security have greatly increased, with direct applications in education, law, conflict, and cooperation. At the same time, transgressive behaviours have mostly been studied in relative isolation, according to one disciplinary angle at a time. As transgressive behaviours affect individuals and institutions over the world, regardless of demographic, ethnic, or socio-economic background, there is a need to study these behaviours, and resilience against such behaviours, using multidisciplinary, or even interdisciplinary approaches.

At Leiden University we now aim to combine knowledge and expertise from five different research areas to study transgressive behaviours, its dimensions, etiology, and effects of interventions with a multidisciplinary team of scholars.


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