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Social Resilience and Security

As our society grows and becomes increasingly complex, it is critical that we better understand how we can improve societal and personal security, and resilience against threats to our security (for example in the form of transgressive behaviours). Efforts that increase security and resilience not only help reduce the presence of violence in society, but also have the potential to lower educational under-attainment, poor economic outcomes and the burgeoning mental health crisis.

Over the past two decades, knowledge about transgressive behaviours threatening our security have greatly increased, with direct applications in Philosophy, Archaeology, Psychology, Education, Law, Governance, Conflict, and Cooperation. At the same time, transgressive behaviours have largely been studied in relative isolation, according to one disciplinary angle at a time. 

As transgressive behaviours transect disciplinary boundaries, multi- and interdisciplinary approaches are needed to fully understand the etiology of transgressive behaviours.

The Social Resilience and Security programme at Leiden University brings together experts from the Faculties of Archaeology, Governance and Global Affairs, Humanities, Law and Social and Behavioural Sciences. Together with a large network of international experts, the programme seeks to better identify, prevent and reduce the causes and consequences of transgressive behaviours in society.  

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