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Margaret Moore will give the annual Centre for Political Philosophy lecture

On Thursday 3 March , Prof. Margaret Moore will give the annual Centre for Political Philosophy lecture.

How do people interact with natural resources?

The natural resources of the earth – from oil and water to minerals and land – are crucial to our basic economic and social existence. But who is entitled to control, use and benefit from them? Should anyone ‘own’ the natural bounty of our planet? In the context of serious environmental crisis and looming resource conflicts, these questions are not just of academic or economic interest, but they are of vital interest to society as a whole as well as future generations.

In her lecture Margaret Moore tackles these questions and examines the different positions in the debate. Moore shows why standard approaches to resource justice are wanting, and offers an original approach that examines the different ways in which people interact with resources in order to determine what good is at stake in any particular case.

Margaret Moore is Director of the Centre of Democracy and Diversity and Professor of political theory in the Department of Political Studies and the Department of Philosophy at Queen’s University, Canada. Her interests include territorial justice, global distributive justice, just war theory, historical injustice, democratic theory, rights, nationalism, multiculturalism, immigration, and selected theorists in the history of political thought. She is the author of Who Should Own Natural Resources? (Polity 2019); A Political Theory of Territory (Oxford 2015); Ethics of Nationalism (Oxford 2001), and Foundations of Liberalism (Oxford 1993) as well as several articles, book chapters and edited volumes. A Political Theory of Territory was the winner of the Canadian Philosophical Association’s Best Book Prize in 2017, and was translated into Japanese in 2019. In in 2019 she was elected a Fellow to the Royal Society of Canada.

About the lecture

The annual lecture is organised by the Centre for Political Philosophy. The lectures is given by a renowned scientist. Tommy Shelby and Philippe van prijs are among those who preceded Margaret Moore.

Attendance of the Annual Lecture is free and there is no need to register. See the event page for more information. For further questions please contact dr. Wouter Kalf at w.f.kalf@phil.leidenuniv.nl.

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