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Legal Business Game nominated for 'Gouden Zandloper'

A project in which students get to learn about professional practice in company law by competing in teams, has been nominated for a prestigious legal profession award, the so-called Golden Hourglass, in the category Innovation Legal Education.

These awards are presented annually to initiatives where legal innovation is central. This is certainly true for the Legal Business Game, which was developed by the Department of Company Law where, supervised by legal experts, students work together in teams to set up a company. The team which eventually earns the most money is the winner.

It is a tremendous honour for the Department of Company Law to be nominated, says researcher and project coordinator Jessie Pool. 'The departments works hard every day to provide top level innovative education and it is great to see that these developments have also been noticed outside the academic world. We are very grateful to the parties involved in setting up the game, including law firms TeekensKarstens and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.'

Legal Business Game

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The Legal Business Game aims to train the lawyers of the future, explains Pool. 'Because the game takes account of transformations occurring in legal services, students acquire skills that are necessary for the ever-changing legal job market. The game is unique because the practical simulation is linked to substantive and theoretical knowledge so that students can directly apply their knowledge to practical situations. The competitive element in the game ensures that students are highly motivated.'

On 26 March we will finally discover whether the Legal Business Game has actually won a prize. The Gouden Zandlopers will be presented on that date at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.

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