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Light and transparent: grand opening of the revamped third floor

The ‘New Way of Working’ has become a reality at Leiden Law School with light, transparent and flexible workspaces, Rector Carel Stolker said at the grand opening of the revamped third floor of the Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw.

On Wednesday 31 October at 12.00 hrs together with Dean Van der Leun he performed the opening of the third floor which had been decorated festively for the occasion. "Shortly after Joanne took up office as Dean, she came to me with her plan to change the office accommodation at the KOG," Stolker reflected on the start of the ambitious and extensive renovation project. Adding with a laugh: "I remember she told me that a new Dean would never be dropped because of her first big project."

Van der Leun briefly mentioned the most important changes to the revamped floor. "There is now much more light and transparency. It stays quiet in the offices because staff can meet for discussions elsewhere in other spaces." After thanking all parties involved, glasses were raised to toast the success of the opening.

Child Law

The  third floor now houses the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology. Later the Department of Child Law will also move to that floor.

The opening of the third floor is the first milestone in the renovation project. The first and second floor will follow at a later stage. A separate plan for the reception and Education Information Centre (OIC) has been drawn up which will be communicated later.

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