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Increase the impact of your knowledge with MOOC ‘Knowledge Exchange: Using, Protecting and Monetizing Ideas with Third Parties’

Interested in how you can transfer your knowledge from yourself or from a knowledge institute into society at large? Several experts in the fields of grant development, Intellectual property rights and knowledge brokering take you through the various processes within four weeks time in this online course.

Collaboration is more than sharing knowledge. That is why this course sheds a light on identifying the interest of partners, the importance of protecting knowledge and provides examples of the many ways knowledge transfers takes place. The course also answers questions such as: what are the advantages of working with third parties and what are the potential pitfalls? And, what to think of when applying for a grant?

Practical knowledge

Four academics from Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) share their practical knowledge when it comes to research impact through interviews. This way the course combines both theory and practice in an interesting way.

Enroll in this free course via Coursera. Enrollment is open every four weeks.

This course is led by Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan van Ommen, former head of the department Human Genetics of LUMC and has been produced by Luris, Universiteit Leiden and LUMC.

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