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Research project

Severe behavioral and emotional problems, special education and youth care

Which educational and child welfare interventions offer optimal opportunities for positive development to children with severe behavioral and emotional disorders.

2012 - 2017
Evert Scholte
Leiden University
GWB-fund Rotterdam

Horizon Institute for youth care and special education

The research aims to map the nature and effectiveness of pedagogical and educational treatments for children with severe behavioral and emotional problems, i.e. children with autism, ADHD, ODD / CD, anxiety and depression.

First, the central developmental characteristics of the children are investigated in terms of their cognitive and social-emotional skills. To identify these skills parents, teachers and children fill in questionnaires that measure the behavioral and emotional problems of the children, as well as the self-efficacy, the emotional intelligence, the executive functioning and the learning performance. Besides this, the functioning of the family and the school is assessed.

Second the development of children is monitored to see which children develop positively. This progress is associated with the educational and treatment methods that were applied at home and school. This results in a picture of educational and treatment methods that positively affect the development of children with severe behavioral and emotional problems.

The main objective of the studies is to provide scientifically proven means by which children with severe emotional and behavioral problems at home and school may be effectively treated, so that also these children can get the best possible chance to develop positively.

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