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Research project

Efficacy of Self-management training in adolescents and adults with Klinefelter syndrome (XXY)


2013 - 2017
Sophie van Rijn

Boys and men with an extra X chromosome (XXY) are at risk for social difficulties in which executive functions are known to play an important role. The aim of this project is to examine the potential efficacy of a novel neurocognitive-behavioral treatment program tailored to the specific vulnerabilities in individuals with XXY. The ‘Self-Management Training’ aims to increase the ability of individuals to regulate their thoughts, emotions and behaviors in ways that are socially adaptive.

Outcome is evaluated in terms of cognitive functioning and informant- as well as self-reports of social, emotional and behavioral problems. Assessing efficacy of new cognitive-behavioral treatment opportunities has the potential to innovate clinical care, which is currently largely focused on medical treatment of somatic problems. Focusing on improving self-management skills in terms of the regulation of thought, emotion and behavior, may prove to reduce mental health problems and increase quality of life.

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