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Who is the best lecturer in 2017?

Three lecturers have beennominated for the LUS Teaching prize: Florian Schneider, Thijs Porck and Christine Espin. The prize, an initiative of the Leiden University Student Platform (LUS), will be presented at the opening of the academic year.

Innovative teaching

The chair of LUS, Ghislaine Voogd, a student of Education and Child Studies, comments, 'These three lecturers are each unque in their approach to innovative teaching. They really are a good match because all three excel at innovation. They're creative, they have a good feel for humour and they made good use of technology: their students are wildly enthusiastic about them.' 

The nominees

The student members of LUS assess the nominees on the basis of five criteria: enthusiasm, innovation, response, interaction and involvement. The nominees are: 

Florian Schneider, Asian Studies

LUS praises Schneider as innovatie and interactive, including his use of twitter. Students say he is very approachable. He always answers mails, is very helpful and his lectures are always well-structured and interesting.

Thijs Porck, English Language and Culture

Porck is  appreciated for his passion for his subject. He has a fun way of using visual materialk and involves students interactively in his lectures. Porck i8s very funny and can explain things well. 

Christine Espin, Education and Child Studies

According to LUS, Espin has a unique way of using materials to explain theories and concepts. She shares anecdotes about her own children ('twins') and brings out the best in her students.  

Leiden Teachers' Academy

The winner of the LUS Teaching Prize will become a member of the Leiden Teachers’ Academy and will receive 25,000 euros for innovation in their teaching over a period of five years. Ghislaine Voogd: ‘By sending in their nomination, students have the chance to show in a very positive way what they value in their lecturers. And, by choosing the winner, we as students also nominate a lecturer for the Teachers Academy.’

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