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Archaeologist Joanita Vroom receives Global Interactions Breed Grant

Dr. Joanita Vroom has been awarded a Breed Grant by the Leiden Global Interactions research profile to support the realisation of her project ‘Shifting Empires, Cultural Encounters. Mapping Material Culture and Foodways in the Medieval & Post-Medieval Eastern Mediterranean and Adjacent Near East (600-1900 CE)’.

Shifting Empires, Cultural Encounters

Shifting empires, cultural encounters aims to address for the first time the dynamics of material culture and related cultural behaviour across the 1300 years of interactions between the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires with each other, as well as with the Medieval 'West' and the Arab-Islamic 'East'. The project introduces a new approach to the archaeology of daily life, by studying the complexities of inter- and trans-cultural contacts in the perspective of long-term changes in pottery (the most mobile material product of the past and an indicator of broader patterns of interaction) and foodways (an important marker of social practices). Its results will illuminate changes across time and space in communities usually invisible to the historical record.


Dr. Vroom had the Breed Grant of of 23.500 euro awarded to her for teaching relief, the organisation of an international expert meeting and a workshop with the top researchers in her field of study.

About the Breed Grant

The Global Interactions research profile brings together researchers from various faculties (Humanities, Social Sciences, Archaeology and others) who work on issues of global interactions. The Breed Grant programme is to support Leiden-based researchers in writing research grant proposals which have a global, comparative or connective approach as a primary component in their methodology. Proposals are evaluated in terms of innovative potential, cross-disciplinary integration and academic excellence.

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