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Seven new Medical Delta professors

Medical Delta has appointed seven professors who will bridge the medical worlds of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam.

Dual appointments

Besides their current main appointment, the Medical Delta professors will each be appointed in one of the other cities as well. Five of the seven professors are or will be affilliated to LUMC and Leiden University. Medical Delta's aim with these dual appointments is to structurally stimulate cooperation among the Medical Delta institutes and disciplines. The professors have been selected on the basis of their performances in interdisciplinary partnerships in the field of Life Sciences, Health & Technology. The first eleven Medical Delta professors were inaugurated in 2014.

Inaugural ceremony

Of the new Medical Delta professors, 3 are doctors and 4 researchers. They work in the research areas of cancer therapy, orthopaedic surgery, molecular biology/biophysics, epidemiology and analytical biosciences. The new Medical Delta professors will be inaugurated at a special ceremony during the Medical Delta Event 2016 on 21 June in Delft, where each will present a brief inauguration speech, highlighting dreams and opportunities for collaboration within the Medical Delta collaboration.

New model for healthcare

Medical Delta is a network of Life Sciences, Health & Technology organisations. It initiates and catalyses cooperation among scientists, businesses, students, healthcare professionals and local governments. The organisation’s ultimate aim is to facilitate a new model of healthcare; one that is focused on prevention, early diagnosis and precise, targeted treatment.

Medical Delta Director Roel Kamerling: 'Reforming healthcare cannot be tackled by specialists working in isolation. Instead, a holistic approach is needed, one where connections are made across disciplines and organisations. The Medical Delta professorships are key to this approach.'

The new Medical Delta professors

Epidemiologist Prof. Cock van Duijn (Erasmus MC & Leiden University) uses cohort population studies to learn about and prevent illness. Inauguration speech: 'Precision medicine in the Medical Delta: genes, metabolites and prevention.'

Analytical Bioscientist Prof. Thomas Hankemeier (Leiden University & Erasmus MC) envisions metabolomics to change healthcare, which the Medical Delta is in a unique place for to achieve. Inauguration speech: 'Big Data in the Medical Delta: how metabolomics will change healthcare.'

Biophysicist Prof. Marileen Dogterom (TU Delft & Leiden University) aims to quantitatively understand the biology of the building blocks of life to lay the foundations for truly personalized treatments. Inauguration speech: 'Can we build a synthetic cell? And will this impact personalised medicine?'

Molecular biologist Prof. Claire Wyman (Erasmus MC & TU Delft) studies the relation between the genome and treatment chances for breast cancer, and pioneers multidisciplinary education to make a difference. Inauguration speech: 'What’s the difference between Angelina Jolie and me? We train scientists to find nanoscale answers.'

Radiation oncologist Prof. Corrie Marijnen (LUMC & TU Delft) works to improve cancer treatments by minimizing side effects and integrating the available data. Inauguration speech: 'HollandPTC, a dream comes true: protons, patients and preferences.'

Radiation oncologist Prof. Jean Philippe Pignol (Erasmus MC & TU Delft) aims to make radiotherapy treatments, for example of breast cancer, easier to patients. Inauguration speech: 'Active women with breast cancer: the one-hour radiation treatment.'

Orthopaedic surgeon Prof. Rob Nelissen (LUMC & TU Delft) focuses on start-up activities in medical technology areas such as 3D-printed implants to improve patient safety and treatment quality. Inauguration speech: 'Smart implant surgery: patient safety, 3D-printed implants & quality.'

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