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Europa Institute delegation attends FIDE conference Budapest

From 18th -21st May, a delegation of the Europa Institute attended the 27th biannual FIDE congress in Budapest, Hungary.

FIDE (International Federation of European Law) is the largest professional European law network in the world, comprised of 28 national associations from across the continent. The Dutch FIDE association is the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Europees Recht (NVER). The congress was attended by hundreds of EU lawyers, civil servants, judges, academics and practitioners to discuss the newest developments in EU law.

The congress was divided into three parallel sessions: 1) the European banking union, 2) private enforcement and collective redress in European competition law, and 3) the division of competences and regulatory powers between the EU and the Member States. On each of these topics a report will be published, on the basis of national and institutional reports that were drafted prior the congress, and the conclusions of the sessions.

The congress was attended by Alison McDonnell, Jorrit Rijpma, Vicky Kosta, Armin Cuyvers and Thomas Weber of the Europa Institute, and by Claartje van Dam and Jacobine van den Brink of the department of Constitutional and Adminstrative Law. Prior to the congress, Thomas Weber also attended the FIDE doctoral conference for PhD students at Pázmány Peter Catholic University in Budapest.

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