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History MOOC 'The Rooseveltian Century' returns

Prof. Giles Scott-Smith has made the first History MOOC (Massive Online Open-Access Course) produced by Leiden University. The MOOC 'The Rooseveltian Century', which covers the influence of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt through the 20th century, is now online at Coursera. The successful MOOC ran in 2016 for the first time, and will now return. Register now! The course has a re-run every four weeks.

Security, Equality and Freedom

'The Rooseveltian Century', put together by Giles Scott-Smith and Dario Fazzi, is an online course organised around three key themes: Security, Equality and Freedom. Beginning with the biographies of the three Roosevelts, the course examines how each of the Roosevelts pursued their own ideas on security, equality and freedom, in doing so transforming the United States and influencing political goals all over the world.


This is a special MOOC for the university in various ways:

  • The first "MOOCumentary style" course: less "talking head", more documentary style in short clips: the next generation MOOC! This filming approach combines a biographical ‘storytelling’ narrative with an analytical examination of key themes in modern US history.
  • A number of the modules can be used as well as course material in some of the MA and BA/pre-master courses. 
  • The course offers historical digital research skills practice, an example of the education-research nexus which is a focus of the university. And the MOOC has become a course designed with lots of e-tivities, promoting active learning.

Register now!

Visit the course website and register now!

The course, part of Leiden University's innovative series of MOOCs, can be accessed (for free) via the Coursera platform and is co-developed by the Leiden University Centre for Innovation.

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