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Rising staff shortages despite fear of recession – Olaf van Vliet in NRC

Economists are warning for a contraction of the economy during the second half of this year. The United States are already facing a ‘technical recession’: two successive quarters of economic contraction. A recession can lead to a freeze in recruitment and even redundancies. Will employers take precautionary measures and will they become more cautious when hiring new staff?

Olaf van Vliet

The latest information provided by Statistics Netherlands indicates nothing of the kind. On the contrary, the labour shortage has only risen during the second quarter of 2022. The number of unfulfilled vacancies has increased and the number of jobseekers has continued to decline. Professor of Economics Olaf van Vliet discusses the latest developments in Dutch newspaper NRC.

The full article (in Dutch) can be found on here:

Personeelstekort blijft oplopen, ondanks recessievrees – hoelang gaat dit door? - NRC

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