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Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching

ICLON (Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching) is an interfaculty unit within Leiden University which


The Board of ICLON is formed by the deans of the faculties of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Humanities and Science. Day-to-day management rests with the scientific director, who is advised by the Management Team, which he himself chairs.

Management Team


At meetings of the Board, the scientific director (prof.dr.ir. Fred Janssen) and the director operational management (Jossi Gijzen LLM) of ICLON are present as advisors. The director operational management is also secretary of the Board.


All faculties at Leiden University involved in teacher education have delegated their powers in this area to ICLON.
The duties and powers of ICLON, including the delegated powers in the field of teacher education, are laid down in the '
Gemeenschappelijke Regeling'. In addition, a mandate scheme has been established which describes in what matters ICLON has received a mandate from the Board.

The organisation of ICLON is laid down in the Regulations.

Please note 
Not all information about ICLON activities is available in English, as most of our activities are carried out for Dutch target groups. If you have any questions concerning our work, please contact us.

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