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An important goal of the ICLON programme is to build bridges between practice and theory.

Teacher Education Programme

Master programme 
In order to acquire a teaching qualification for upper secondary education students need to enroll in a one year master teacher training programme. The entry requirement for the programme is a master degree in arts or science in a school subject. 
The master programme does not only attract recent graduates but also those who are looking for a career in teaching following years of experience in another field. Their previously acquired knowledge is of great value for schools. 
For teaching in bilingual and international schools a special programme has been developed in close cooperation with one of the partner schools: the World Teachers Programme.

Minor programme 
The faculties of Leiden University offer the possibility to opt for an ‘educational’ minor within the various bachelor programmes. Students who have successfully completed this minor and their bachelor are qualified to teach in lower secondary education. These minor programmes are provided by ICLON.

Professional development for teachers

ICLON supports schools and teachers in their continuous professional development. ICLON focuses on a number of themes. 

Specific courses are aimed at training schoolbased teacher trainers who provide guided supervision for students and colleagues (both experienced and inexperienced) at school. 

Teaching in bilingual schools 
ICLON supports schools in the development and implementation of bilingual curricula. ICLON also supports teachers, both in-service and in a summer school, in acquiring CLIL (content language integrated learning) skills. 

Subject specific courses 
Subject specific themes are addressed in in-service courses focusing on the latest developments in subject specific methodology. At Good Practice Days teachers meet their colleagues from all over the country and exchange inspiring examples and practices.  Good Practice Days are organized every year for teachers of languages, history, philosophy, economics and social studies and are attended by large numbers of teachers.

Orientation and Transition Programme

ICLON supports the efforts of secondary schools and their students in making the entrance into the university world less complicated. ICLON has developed an orientation and transition programme. All departments of Leiden University participate in this programme, together with more than 80 secondary schools in the Netherlands.   

Higher Education Development

ICLON's Department of Higher Education supports and advises Leiden University and other institutions of higher education in achieving high quality teaching.