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Centre for Intercultural Philosophy


Leiden University Centre for Intercultural Philosophy (LUCIP) is a centre housed in the Institute for Philosophy at Leiden University.


The Center seeks to promote education and dialogue between the philosophical traditions of the world, Asian, Africana, Islamic, Native, Pacific, and Western.  LUCIP will devote itself to inviting international speakers from the various philosophical traditions of the world to present their work as well as drawing conferences of international academic associations to Leiden University. 

With the first BA programme in Global and Comparative Philosophy of its kind in the Netherlands, the Institute for Philosophy intends LUCIP to bring together scholars representing different traditions both in Europe and from around the world to reflect on the character and aims of philosophy as well as the contributions that all philosophical traditions can make to human experience and the challenges we face.

The Director

Douglas L. Berger is Professor of Comparative Philosophy at Leiden University. He specialises in the fields of classical Brahminical, Buddhist, Confucian and Daoist thought as well as cross-cultural hermeneutics and 19th and 20th century European philosophy. 

He is the author of dozens of essays and book chapters in these fields, as well as of two monographs, “The Veil of Maya:” Schopenhauer’s System and Early Indian Thought (SUNY Press, 2004) and Encounters of Mind: Luminosity and Personhood in Indian and Chinese Thought (SUNY Press, 2015) and has co-edited, with JeeLoo Liu, an important collection of essays entitled Nothingness in Asian Philosophy (Routledge Press, 2014). 

He is the current chief editor of the University of Hawai’i book series Dimensions of Asian Spirituality and the former president of the Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy.

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