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Leiden Leadership Programme


In addition to their master’s programme at Leiden University or Delft University of Technology, students follow a programme in which they look at themselves, learn to work co-operatively and explore organisations. Assessment takes place using a variety of methods, and the students learn to reflect on their own work.

The Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP) is an Honours programme for ambitious and talented master’s students at Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. The education is small-scale and interdisciplinary, and students take a highly individual approach to working on their own development as a leader. They learn to identify their own talents and those of others, and to make optimum use of them. They are then challenged to apply these talents in a team context within a company or organisation: for example, in producing an advisory report for the Management Board.

The extracurricular programme is worth 20 EC and covers a full academic year in the master’s programme, from September to June. The most important elements in the Programme are:

  • Assessment 
  • Skills training sessions
  • Practical assignment
  • Seminars


The students’ development is assessed in various ways and at various times during the Programme. They participate in assessments and receive feedback from the other students, their coach and the trainers. While working on the practical assignment, they gain insight into how they function in a professional setting. They present their acquired knowledge and skills in a number of reports, in which they also reflect on their own development during the Programme. 

At the end of the Programme they have:

  • learned in depth about leadership theories 
  • developed and tested their leadership skills
  • learned to make effective use of other people’s talents
  • gained insight into their own strengths and weaknesses
  • formulated a plan for their further development
  • learned to perform effectively in an organisation
  • met exceptional people and started to build their professional network
  • obtained an extra 20 EC on their master’s supplement and an Honours certificate.

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