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Leiden Leadership Programme

Leadership Labs

In the Leadership Lab (4 EC) you tackle a topical problem presented by one of our partner organisations and develop important leadership skills in practice.

Practical assignment

In the Leadership Lab (November-June), you will practice with leadership hands-on. In interdisciplinary teams, you tackle an issue of an organisation that wants your help. You will be supervised by experienced practical teachers.

The Leadership Lab is a professional, accessible setting to gain practical experience. You develop collaboration skills with people from diverse (study) backgrounds and discover your unique contribution to a team. This is how you learn what leadership means to you.


The Leadership Lab offers a great opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in previous trainings. Think of skills such as good listening, clear communication, cooperation and conflict resolution. 

During the Leadership Lab assignment, you reflect in small groups on the process and your impact. You do this under the guidance of an experienced tutor. You can apply the lessons learned during these meetings in your ongoing assignment.

Examples of challenges

The issue you and your peers will work on is linked to a social issue such as sustainability, inclusiveness, well-being or safety. After all, leadership is not an end in itself: you can use it as a means to contribute to something you find important. 

For the practical assignment, you will work on an issue at one of our partner organisations. Some examples of issues:

  • How can we motivate citizens to make their gardens sustainable?
  • How can we make top management more diverse and inclusive?
  • What can we do to improve the mental health of our home-based employees?
  • How can my organisation deal with data breaches, cybercrime or crisis management?
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