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Leiden Leadership Programme

Leadership Labs

In the Leadership Lab (4 EC) you will set out to tackle a topical problem presented by one of our partner organisations, and develop general leadership skills that contribute to a successful execution of the consultancy assignment.

The interdisciplinary Leadership Labs are lead by experienced field coaches, starting in November and ending in June.

There are four Leadership Labs, all linked to relevant questions surrounding four societal issues, namely:

  • Sustainability & Climate
  • Equality & Inclusion
  • Healthy Living & Well-being
  • Peace & Safety

Every student brings their own unique expertise to the table, in order to come to an impactful result benefitting the partner organisation. This includes the expertise gained from the student’s regular master’s program, as well as the knowledge and skills acquired through the elective modules (block 3 and 4).

Examples of challenges provided by partner organisations are:

  • How can we motivate citizens to make sustainable choices in decorating their garden?
  • How can we create a more diverse and inclusive top-management before 2025?
  • What can we do to improve the mental well-being of employees who are working from home?
  • How can we increase the sense of safety of women in neighbourhood x? 

Examples of the general skills covered in the Leadership Labs are listening and conflict resolution. Through intervision meetings led by an experienced coach, you will reflect on your acquired skills and your real-world impact.

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