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Leiden Leadership Programme

Application and selection

You can apply for our new cohort on September 1st, 2024. Fill in our form of interest to stay tuned!

Form of interest

Are you interested in joining the Leiden Leadership Programme 2024-2025? Help out your future you and fill in our form of interest. You will get a reminder to apply for the programme and will be invited to the Orientation Seminar in September.

Selection criteria

For the LLP we are looking for a group of students from a variety of disciplines and different interests that recognise themselves in the following:

  • You are doing your master’s degree at Leiden University, Delft Technical University, or Erasmus University Rotterdam during the academic year 2023-2024;
  • Your schedule allows you to take part in an intense extra programme in addition to your regular master’s classes;
  • You have the ambition and the motivation to learn more about leadership (practice as well as theory);
  • Societal themes interest you. You are willing to look beyond your own discipline, and you want to work with students from different professional fields;
  • You are eager to make a concrete difference with other students within an organisation.
  • You are willing to critically reflect on your own development;
  • You have received good marks during your bachelor’s degree (>7,0 out of 10,0 or a comparable score when using a different grading system) or you have an explanation as to why you have not.

Application and deadlines

Applications for the academic year 2023-2024 open on 1 September 2023. Due to the tight schedule needed for the selection process it is very important that you apply before the application deadline. The application deadline is October 4th 2023, 22.00 hrs.

During the application process, we will ask you to state your preferred working language for the Leadership Lab. We will also ask you to list your top 4 Leadership Labs and the electives that seem most interesting to you. The programme team will work hard to assign first and second picks to as many students as possible.

In the application form, we ask you to fill in the name(s) of your (main) master's degree(s). In case you are unsure about the name(s) of your main master's studies, please check out this document.

Students can apply starting from the 1 September 2023 via the Honours Academy registration system by answering some questions regarding your motivation and supplying a number of attachments. The attachments required are:

  • Your curriculum vitae, in which you state, on no more than 2 pages:
    • Your extensive educational background (names, institutes, dates);
    • Your extracurricular activities, with an emphasis on those with a societal impact. Think, for instance of summer jobs, committees, internships, volunteer work, any caretaking duties, having your own company, or living abroad.
  • A certified copy of your bachelor degree results (uSis printouts will not be accepted).


Selection takes place based on the written submissions and will start immediately after the application deadline. The programme has room for approximately 200 students. Each academic year, we are able to admit a select number of students from Delft Technical University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The Dean of the Honours Academy appoints a selection committee every year. The selection committee advises the Dean on which candidates should and shouldn’t be admitted.


You will be notified about whether or not you were admitted to the programme on 23 October at the latest (two weeks before the start of the programme). Once you are accepted you will receive your class schedule as soon as possible.

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