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The Hague Centre for Digital Governance

The rise of the digital age affects public governance in many ways. Digitalisation and data impact every aspect of public governance and policy. Within Leiden University’s Public Administration institute, based in The Hague -the administrative capital of the Netherlands- our centre seeks to understand how digitalisation challenges public governance, what government organisations do with new technologies and data, and how this creates or damages public value.

Our research has a strong interdisciplinary focus on the intersection between digital technologies, policy and governance. In our research and education, we collaborate with computer scientists, sociologists, philosophers, lawyers, and others. Our work is published in interdisciplinary and disciplinary top journals. Based in The Hague, we also have strong ties with local and national government organisations and actively seek societal and practical relevance. There are various opportunities for collaboration for any party interested, for example on thesis projects as part of one of the Master programmes we are active in: Master Public Administration, Master Management van de Publieke Sector, MSc ICT in Business and the Public Sector and the LDE Minor Smart and Shared Cities

Part of the same department is the Center for Public Value & Ethics, which covers ethical and public value dimensions of digital governance and AI, next to having a broader agenda.

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