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Publications and output

On this page you'll find selected publications and media attention from our group.




·  S Giest (2020) Making energy personal: policy coordination challenges in UK smart meter implementation. Journal of Public Policy 40 (4), 553-572

·  S Hughes, S Giest, L Tozer (2020) Accountability and data-driven urban climate governance. Nature Climate Change, 1-6

·  S Giest. (2020) Do nudgers need budging? A comparative analysis of European smart meter implementation. Government Information Quarterly 37 (4)

·  S Giest, A Samuels (2020) For good measure’: data gaps in a big data world. Policy Sciences, 1-11

·  AC van den Berg, SN Giest, SM Groeneveld, W Kraaij (2020) Inclusivity in online platforms: Recruitment strategies for improving participation of diverse socio demographic groups. Public Administration Review

·  A Ingrams (2020) A machine learning approach to open public comments for policymaking. Information Polity, 1-16

·  A Ingrams (2020) Organizational design in open government: Two cases from the United Kingdom and the United States. Public Performance & Management Review 43 (3), 636-661 


·  A Ingrams (2019) Public values in the age of big data: A public information perspective. Policy & Internet 11 (2), 128-148

·  A Ingrams (2019) Big Data and Dahl’s challenge of democratic governance. Review of Policy Research 36 (3), 357-377

·  P Panagiotopoulos, B Klievink, A Cordella (2019) Public value creation in digital government. Government Information Quarterly

·  S Vydra, B Klievink (2019) Techno-optimism and policy-pessimism in the public sector big data debate. Government Information Quarterly


·  S Giest, R Ng (2018) Big data applications in governance and policy. Politics and Governance 6 (4), 1-4

·  S Giest (2017) Big data for policymaking: fad or fasttrack? Policy Sciences 50 (3), 367-382

·  H van der Voort, B Klievink, M Arnaboldi & A Meijer (2019). Rationality and politics of algorithms. Will the promise of big data survive the dynamics of public decision making? Government Information Quarterly 36(1). pp. 27-38

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·  B Klievink, Romijn, B.J., Cunningham, S, De Bruijn, H. (2017). Big Data in the Public Sector: Uncertainties and Readiness. Information System Frontiers 19(2). pp 267-283 

·  B Klievink, Bharosa, N., & Tan, Y.-H. (2016). The collaborative realization of public values and business goals: Governance and infrastructure of public–private information platforms. Government Information Quarterly, 33(1), 67–79.

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