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The Hague Centre for Digital Governance

Algorithmic governance

Artificial intelligence could help make the work of public sector organisations, professionals, policy- and decision makers more effective, more efficient, and ideally could make it more rationalised and evidence-based.

The legitimate use of algorithms by government, depends on the capability to protect, promote and live up to public values. As algorithms may make the work of government more effective and more efficient, it promotes values such as proper use of public funds. Yet we are also and increasingly aware of threats to values stemming from bias, equality of treatment and privacy. Given their responsibilities, governments - much way more so than the private sector - seek to address these challenges by the responsible deployment and use of algorithms. Our group studies data, organisational and policy aspects of Algorithmic Governance from what we call a ‘policy realism’ perspective. If you are an academic interested in working with us on this topic, or if you are a public sector professional interested in collaboration on this topic, please get in touch! You can find contact details on the Collaboration page. 

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