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Russian and Eurasian Studies (MA)

In the Russian and Eurasian Studies master's programme our experts devote attention to the most recent developments, currently the war in Ukraine. Several courses will provide context and background about this war.

Why study Russian and Eurasian Studies at Leiden University?

This one-year master’s degree explores Russia and the Eurasian world from the perspectives of language, literature and culture, or politics, history and economics. Leiden University's Faculty of Humanities has been studying Russia and the Slavic world since 1913. Scholars from around the world come to Leiden University to study and teach this important field. You will learn from our faculty members as well as visiting international scholars who also devote attention to the most recent developments. 

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What are your career prospects?

As the MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies is a unique programme which stands out from other programmes. It is often seen as an asset by companies, non-profit organizations and government institutions. The impact of Russia in the current geopolitical situation which has changed dramatically since the war that Russia started against Ukraine also has led to a bigger demand for graduates with expertise in Russia and a solid command of the Russian language in governmental organisations and NGO’s. As a graduate of the master’s programme in Russian and Eurasian Studies, you will be qualified to meet this demand, with a range of career prospects that are both directly and indirectly related to your studies.

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International classrooms and internships

An international classroom makes this a particularly rich learning environment for students. A competitive scholarship and internship programme also gives you the opportunity to study or do an internship abroad. Do you want to find out if you are eligible for this Master’s programme? 

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Jonathan works with Ukrainian refugees

When alumnus Jonathan Katzman started his master's programme in Russian and Eurasian Studies, he didn't foresee how useful those skills would be in the near future. Now, he manages a refugee centre for Ukrainians who have fled their war-torn country. Read more.

Raam op Rusland (Window on Russia)

Raam op Rusland is an online platform with news and background articles about Russia, written by Leiden scholars, students, alumni, journalists, historians, economists, political scientists and many more. It is a stage for knowledge, analysis and debate. Raam op Rusland is Partner of Leiden University since 2018, every year two or three students of the MA Russian and Eurasian Studies get the opportunity to do an internship. Read more

In which sectors do students find jobs?

  • 21 Communication and marketing
  • 14 Non profit
  • 14 Education
  • 14 Government and semi-government
  • 7 Consultancy
  • 7 IT
  • 7 Research
  • 7 Information management
  • 7 Wholesale and retail
  • 2 Other

The graph above is based on alumni data from the MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies 2016-2020.

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