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Extra challenges

At Leiden University you’ll have every opportunity to broaden your horizon. We’ll stimulate you to get the best out of yourself, with additional, more challenging programmes, for example.

During your master’s at Leiden University we’ll give you the best possible support. And if you think you can do more, and you want to do more, we can provide you with some extra challenges. In addition to our regular programmes, we also offer more extensive and in-depth courses.

If you think you can handle more than one master’s, consider taking on a dual master’s. The study advisers for the applicable master’s programmes can tell you all about the possibilities, as well as the practical aspects, such as tuition fees or how you can reconcile two timetables.

Are you highly motivated, someone who wants to get the most out of studying? If so, perhaps you should consider doing a two-year research master’s. It’s a bit more difficult than a regular master’s, with more emphasis placed on coaching your research skills. However, it would be an excellent choice if you plan to do a PhD.

As a student at the Faculty of Law you will be eligible to follow a few exclusive advanced master’s programmes. These are highly challenging and small-scale programmes in which professors and professionals from the world of practice deal with specific legal issues. Because of their relatively high level, these advanced master’s programmes are aimed at ambitious students who have experience in the legal world and for lawyers who are keen to boost their career opportunities.

In addition to being an unforgettable experience, an international exchange or internship is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons, which is why many of our programmes make it possible for you to follow part of your master’s abroad. Leiden University has collaborative agreements with universities all around the world, which means you won’t have to pay additional tuition fees. We recommend that you discuss with your study adviser whether an international component would be a good fit with your master’s programme, and remember to take enrolment deadlines into account.

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If you’re the type of master’s student who is highly motivated and eager to learn about leadership in practice, you should definitely consider the one-year Leiden Leadership Programme. It will teach you all about leadership and help you discover and develop your own leadership skills. 

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Are you looking for an extra challenge beside your regular master’s? The Honours Academy at Leiden University organises a range of Master’s Honours Classes every year.  These are interdisciplinary classes relating to a current theme, where you will work together with students from other disciplines.

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