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European and International Human Rights Law (Advanced LL.M.)

About the programme

In the European and International Human Rights Law programme, you will explore complex issues and will develop an in-depth understanding of the legal processes for protecting human rights around the world.

Simona Demkova

Alumna, PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg

Simona Demkova

“The advanced master programme in EIHRL has been a truly invaluable learning experience. It has equipped me with a comprehensive knowledge of human rights law at the international as well as regional levels. The programme has however also allowed me to comprehend issues beyond the law, especially interactions of law and politics and culture.”

Programme overview

The programme takes a comparative approach to European and international human rights protection mechanisms. This helps you develop a thorough understanding of the various human rights mechanisms that are available and how to effectively put them into practice in different political and social environments.

More information about the programme structure.

Educational methods

Teaching takes place in small, seminar style classes, which require your active participation. The European and International Human Rights programme is founded on the expertise available from a broad range of departments within the Leiden Law School, which covers criminal, civil and constitutional law and socio-legal studies in addition to European and international law.

You will be taught by expert faculty from the Institute for Public Law, visiting international professors and distinguished legal practitioners specialised in human rights. You will also be actively encouraged to take part in academic activities outside the curriculum, such as participation in conferences and workshops and field trips.

Student support services

The programme coordinator will be your first point of contact before, during and after the programme. The coordinator can help you with all kinds of practical questions related to your programme and can refer you to someone else if necessary. 

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