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Cyber Security (MSc)

Modular learning: Enrolling in a single course

Do you want to be part of this unique programme, discuss cutting-edge topics of cyber security with other professionals, but do you not have time to enroll in this full master programme?

We offer introductory courses to teach you about particular aspects of Cyber Security over a period of seven weeks. There are three courses you can choose from. You can enroll in just one course, two courses or in all three courses.

Three introductory courses

Each course consists of seven weeks of classes scheduled on Fridays from 09:30-16:45 hrs. in The Hague. Occasionally a class is scheduled on a Thursday. On top of that there will be 8- 12 hours self-study per week. For a more detailed description of the courses including the assessment methods, please see the online prospectus.

The course 'Introduction to cyberspace' gives you a broad introduction into the digitally networked environment that we know as cyberspace. It sheds light on the technical basis of this environment, but also teaches you about the legal, regulatory, governance and organisational challenges of this environment.

'Introduction to cyber security' provides you with a broad introduction to the biggest security challenges in and of cyberspace. It gives you insight in both the technical root causes of these challenges and the ‘human side’ of security issues in cyberspace, for instance focusing on human behavior.

The course 'Cyber risk' provides you with a broad introduction into one of the key concepts that underpins cybersecurity challenges today: the notion of risk. It familiarizes you with one of the most important approaches to understanding risk in cybersecurity: risk management. It also shows you what the limitations of this approach are, and provides you with insights from the social sciences on risk to enrich our understanding of risk in cyberspace.

Options for enrollment

We offer two different forms of enrollment:

You can follow our introductory courses as a non-examination student, which means you join the regular lectures without taking part in the course assignments and without taking the exam.

At the end you receive a participation certificate, which does not contain any study results (as no exam was taken).

You can also follow our introductory courses as a contract student, which means you join the regular lectures and have the right to take part in the course assignments and to take the exam alongside the regular students. The results you achieve are recorded and can help you obtain an exemption if you decide to go on to follow the full study program at a later stage.

TU Delft 'Cybersecurity for Managers and Executives: Taking the Lead'

In cooperation with TU Delft we also offer the online course: ‘Cybersecurity for Managers and Executives: Taking the Lead’. It is 5 weeks long and offers 24/7 hours access to activities and materials so you can study at any time, that suits you. This course will equip you with the framework, vocabulary and understanding of cyber risks, and will give you the confidence to take the lead in cybersecurity initiatives. With the knowledge and tools you gain, you will be able to prepare your organization for current as well as future cyber threats.

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