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Cyber Security (MSc)

Career prospects

The programme is aimed at professionals with a relevant master’s degree from a university (of applied sciences) and several years of professional experience who wish to broaden or deepen their knowledge of cyber security

Graduates work in the field of Cyber Security either in private or public and semi-public companies.

Director Privacy Compliance

Liberty Global

Director Privacy Compliance

''This programme gave me a strong analytical framework to understand the challenges, problems and solutions that exist in the cyber security domain. The multi-disciplinary approach also helps me to see the whole picture and to be more effective at problem-solving because I can look at it from various angles.''

Ministry of Defense

Lieutenant-Colonel Defense Cyber Command

Ministry of Defense

''Great courses. Excellent instructors. And a group of professionals working in all areas of cyber security. This added up to extremely useful discussions and insights that I could immediately implement in my work. I couldn’t recommend this programme any more highly.''

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