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Hebrew and Aramaic Studies (research) (MA)

Meet our staff

Dr. M.F.J. Baasten

Martin Baasten is a Lecturer at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies. His fields of interest includes Biblical and Post-biblical Hebrew, Qumran Hebrew and Dead Sea Scrolls, Rabbinic Hebrew, History of the Hebrew Language and Comparative Semitics. View his full profile here.

Dr. M.L. Folmer

Margaretha Folmer is a University Lecturer at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies. Her fields of interest includes Imperial Aramaic; Targumic literature; Biblical literature; Qumran Aramaic and Dead Sea Scrolls; Rabbinic Literature; History of Aramaic and Hebrew language; Languages in contact; Bilingualism; Comparative Semitics; Hebrew and Aramaic magical literature. View her full profile here.

Prof.dr. O.E. Kaper

Olaf Kaper is a professor of Egyptology at Leiden University, specialized in the New Kingdom to Greek and Roman Periods. An expert in the fields of Egyptian religion, iconography and cultural history, he furthermore excavates in the Dakhleh Oasis. View his full profile here

Dr. T.J. Stökl

Jonathan Stökl is an assistant professor at the Institute for Area Studies. Stökl works largely with texts written in Classical Hebrew as well as other Northwest Semitic languages in the context of the wider culture, religion and languages of the Middle East in antiquity (=ancient Near East). View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. C. Waerzeggers

Caroline Waerzeggers is Professor of Assyriology at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies. She is an Assyriologist who focuses on the history of Mesopotamia in the first millennium BC. This was the time of Sargon, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, and Alexander the Great. She is particularly interested in the establishment of the Persian Empire in Babylonia and the reactions that this process triggered among different social groups. View her full profile here.

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