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Hebrew and Aramaic Studies (research) (MA)

The research master's in Hebrew and Aramaic Studies, a specialisation of the Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) programme, at Leiden University explores Classical Hebrew and Aramaic Studies in the broadest sense.

Classics and Ancient Civilisations was voted as a top rated programme in the Netherlands by the Keuzegids 2019 ranking

The Research MA programme in Classics and Ancient Civilisations has received the label ‘top programme’ in the Keuzegids Masters of March 2019. The study guide bases its results on the opinion of students (through the National Student Survey) and experts (NVAO).

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Why study Hebrew and Aramaic Studies (research) at Leiden University

The research master programme in Hebrew and Aramaic Studies is delivered by internationally-acclaimed experts at Leiden University. Leiden University’s Chair of Hebrew and Aramaic actively contributes to scholarship in the field, and classes regularly reflect ongoing research. You will benefit from a broad range of relevant adjacent disciplines for the study of ancient languages and civilisations – many of them rarely taught elsewhere – as well as from Leiden’s famous up-to-date library resources.

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Focus on your area of interest

The programme can be tailored towards your specific needs and is known for its close attention to individual interests. Languages and primary sources constitute the backbone; they equip you with a lasting set of tools. You may focus on the literature and culture of Ancient Israel against the backdrop of the world of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible/Ancient Judaism, from its emergence in around 1200 B.C.E. until its disappearance as a political entity in 135 C.E.

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Expanding your scope

You may also expand your scope by putting a stronger focus on cognate languages: a great variety of pre-modern forms of Aramaic, Phoenician, Ugaritic, and other small corpus idioms, and their contribution to the region's wider cultural history. Electives from other fields offer additional possibilities for specialisation (e.g., Linguistics, Ancient History, etc.). You also have the option of taking courses at other institutions, such as our sister department at the University of Amsterdam.

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It is also possible to study Hebrew and Aramaic Studies within the one-year Master’s programme Classics and Ancient Civilisations.

Hebrew and Aramaic Studies (research) degree

Hebrew and Aramaic Studies (research) at Leiden University is an accredited degree programme. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a research master’s degree in Classics and Ancient Civilizations and the title Master of Arts (MA).

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