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Philosophy of Humanities (MA)

The master's programme in Philosophy of Humanities at Leiden University allows you to specialise in conceptual and methodological issues in the Humanities.

What will you study?

Taught by Leiden University's acclaimed international faculty, this programme explores three areas of the humanities: European culture, language and thought, and literature and art.

Explore what Nietzsche called European nihilism. Discover how languages are not interchangeable and that language is more than an instrument of expression. Critique Nietzsche's metaphysics and the role played by philosophical aesthetics in the destruction of the traditional aesthetic and the emergence of modern art.

Hone your intellect

This high-level programme attracts talented and motivated students. In-class debates with fellow students will fine-tune your reasoning skills and teach you how to formulate strong, logical arguments. Small classes allow for valuable, direct contact with your lecturers, who are invested in developing your potential.

Expect to graduate with in-depth knowledge and advanced skills in critical-thinking – ensuring you stand out in any future career.

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