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Archaeology (Research MA)

Why Leiden University?

Archaeology at Leiden University encompasses the study of societies and cultures from the past, aiming to reconstruct and revive them, and to make a meaningful contribution to resolving present-day societal issues, such as migration, globalisation and climate change. Archaeological research applies methods and techniques from the social, historical and natural sciences.

The Archaeology programme in Leiden:

  • gives you a solid basis for a national or international career in archaeology, heritage management, heritage policy or within the museum world.
  • has quite rightly earned a place in the top of archaeology research and teaching institutes in the world.
  • hosts enthusiastic students and staff who form a dynamic international research community, active all around the world.
  • offers teaching that is strongly linked to our research, so you do not only hear about our research in the classroom, but also participate in it.

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The international classroom

As a student you are part of an exceptional international community right from the start. About half of our graduate students come from abroad, as do more than half of our staff members.
All Archaeology master's programmes are therefore fully taught in English.

Discover the world

We consider it important that during your studies you are exposed to other cultures, not just from the past but the present as well. This prepares you for an increasingly globalised job market, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We are active in various fields of research all around the world, from excavations to heritage management to museums, and from Europe to the Caribbean. Leiden encourages you to follow your archaeological interests and build on your expertise, whether this happens through taking specialist courses, or traveling the world for fieldwork and research. Discover the world!

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