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Urban Studies (BA)

Why Leiden University?

Leiden University enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation, built on over four centuries of outstanding teaching and research. The university has two locations: Leiden and The Hague. Our Urban Studies programme is located in The Hague, international city of peace and justice and the ideal environment for studying major urban issues.

An academic education from Leiden University is respected around the world. It is the oldest university in the Netherlands and has locations in both Leiden and The Hague.

Leiden University is a world-class university that belongs to the oldest universities in Europe. Founded in 1575, we have consistently been building a solid position of authority that is recognised in the academic and professional world. Leiden is rated consistently highly in all the major Dutch and international rankings.

Our academic staff includes many scholars with an international reputation of excellence. Their research helps answer the questions that our society is facing. And students can participate in that research, as our staff bring the exciting new insights they are gaining into the lecture rooms.

Our students are important to us, we will do everything we can to give you the best possible support. We are committed to freedom: freedom of spirit, thinking and expression, and will challenge you to become an independent thinker.

More reasons to choose Leiden University.

The Hague: the perfect location for Urban Studies

The Hague is one of the Netherlands’ main cities. It has around 550,000 inhabitants, representing a large number of nationalities from a wide variety of backgrounds. It is the seat of Dutch government and is home to many embassies and over 200 international organisations. The Hague is situated in 'De Randstad': one of the largest and most innovative metropolitan regions in Europe, which consists of the four biggest Dutch cities: The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht (combined population: 8.2 million people).

This makes The Hague into the perfect location for our Urban Studies programme. It is a great place to study the challenges and innovations of modern cities. In our third-year course ‘Urban Studies in Practice’ you will learn how to work in a practical and innovative way on these challenges as they present themselves in The Hague and other places.

As for living in The Hague: you will certainly enjoy the many opportunities to spend leisure time, ranging from theatres, cinema’s and museums to terraces, pubs and restaurants. It is also a relaxed city with many parks and beaches at bicycle distance.

Programme with a uniquely broad scope

Currently, some 70 per cent of Europe’s population live in cities and in a few decades this is expected to hold true for the entire world. In the Urban Studies programme you will learn how cities are currently coping with growth, social cohesion, safety and sustainability, and how they plan to deal with these issues in the future. And all this in an international classroom in the Netherlands’ political capital, The Hague.

After kicking off with a broad and thorough introduction during the first year, you will focus on our four themes during the second year: the multicultural city, the safe city, the healthy city and the sustainable city. Course subjects include history, criminology, psychology, ecology, the governance of cities, statistics, and geo-spatial analysis. Choosing an elective to match your theme will prepare you for a suitable master’s programme. Our study advisors and mentors are available for advice and support if you have any questions about your study or future career

Reasons to study Urban Studies at Leiden University

  • Leiden University is a world-class university that is rated consistently highly in national and international rankings.
  • You will develop a thorough knowledge and extensive practical skills concerning the major aspects of urban life: sustainability, economic growth, social cohesion and inclusiveness, safety and health.
  • Specialisation options in this programme will give you significant advantages when it comes to further education (master programmes in the Netherlands or abroad) and career opportunities.

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