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Urban Studies (BA)

Student life

The Urban Studies bachelor’s programme is taught at Leiden University's location in The Hague, a vibrant city offering many cultural activities and sporting opportunities, and close to the beach at Scheveningen. The Hague was also awarded the title ‘greenest city in The Netherlands’ in 2017.

You can relax and have a coffee with your fellow students at the coffee bar at our location Wijnhaven in The Hague.

Comar Beulens


Comar Beulens

"The nice thing about Urban studies is that it is a relatively small programme with about 70 new students each year. This makes for a very tight-knit community where everyone knows each other. We study a lot together, but besides that, we also do a lot of non-study activities together: quizzes, parties, speed dating, and often collaborations with students from other study associations."

Student city The Hague

A truly international city, The Hague is also the city of Peace and Justice and the home of many international organisations, such as the International Criminal Court. The private sector is also well represented there, with the headquarters of multinationals like Shell, for example. And being the Dutch political capital, The Hague is also home to many foreign embassies. Its residents are an eclectic mix of native Dutch people, people from multicultural backgrounds, expatriates and, of course, an ever-increasing number of students.

Study Association ASTUS

ASTUS (Association for Students of Urban Studies) is a relatively young and developing study association, whose community keeps growing each year! ASTUS's main goal is to strengthen the community, organise events, guest lectures, parties, discussion groups, running dinners, field trips, etc. ASTUS also has their very own urban garden located in the city center. For only a small membership fee, you help them to organise bigger events and benefits like free drinks. For more information see the ASTUS Website, the Instagram Page or the Facebook Page.

HOP orientation week

The Hague Orientation Programme (HOP) is the official introduction week for new students studying in The Hague. During a five-day, festive and varied programme you will be able to get acquainted with the city and the student life that await you. The HOP is the perfect way to kick off your student life in the Hague, as you will meet new people, make friends, and get acquainted with the study programme, the University, and the many student associations.

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